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The Invaders - Two Sides Of The Invadersdotdotdot
artworkThe Invaders were from Port Elizabeth, South Africa. They were very successful, and highly regarded. Their early instrumental sound was generally in a Shadows vein, but only occasionally derivative.
Picks: Up Our Sleeves, Dream On, Kongo Kwela, Last Date

Track by Track Review

Up Our Sleeves dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Up Our Sleeves" is a sort of pre-reggae-post-ska number with a combo sound and tropical fun. The infectious riffs and rhythms support cool lead lines and shouts. This is a very fun track. It won't make you hum it endlessly, but you'll sure like it while it's on the turntable.

June dotdotdot
Lite Rock (Instrumental)

Mighty tasteful guitar work floating over a lite-rock backtrack. "June" is a lovely track with a gentle romance about it. Very pretty.

Dream On dotdotdotdot
Lite Rock (Instrumental)

Lovely island imagery presented by the excellent guitar work glides atop an easy backtrack. "Dream On" may not be magnetic, but it sure is gentle on the mind. This is among the nicest of tracks in the lite-rock arena.

Kongo Kwela dotdotdotdot
Lite Rock (Instrumental)

In a blend of country, African, and rock styles, and with a gentle guitar sound, "Kongo Kwela" dances on the PA with joy. This is a splendid instro. The harmonica in later verses adds a bluesy edge. This is really cool.

Last Date dotdotdot
Lite Rock (Instrumental)

Floyd Cramer's "Last Date" is done very nicely on guitar. Excellent tone and playing, with liquid gentle string bending. This may be one of the nicest non-piano version of this song out there, at lest until the female chorus comes along.

Midnight dotdotdot
Lite Rock (Instrumental)

The Shadows' "Midnight" is done in a seriously Shadows arrangement. Nothing original or particularly interesting to set it apart.