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The Intimidators - Halloween Spook Housedotdotdot
artworkExtremely lo-fi to moderately lo-fi minimalist horror surf for the wee hours at a graveyard near you.
Picks: Black Cat, Haunted, Wolf Boy, Nite Walker, Phantom Organ, Ape, Creature, Gargoyle, Jack O Lantern, Bats, Robot, Spook House, The Shadow Knows

Track by Track Review

Black Cat dotdotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

An itty bitty cat meows for his kibble, and then the Intimidators launch into a murky and spooky instro with a dark echoed guitar line. It's surf minimalism with midnight in mind.

Haunted dotdotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

"Haunted" is an incredibly thin guitar solo with spooky sounds. It's an interesting melody in search of a band. A nifty idea, but relatively undeveloped in difficult phase challenged stereo.

Wolf Boy dotdotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

Dark and brooding guitar riffology walking down an alley from which you will not reemerge. Very minimal and quite scary for the wee hours between street lights.

Nite Walker dotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

"Nite Walker" uses a relentlessly circulating riff and injected effects. It's very unchanging musically, like some zombie playing guitar.

Phantom Organ dot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

The bells toll for you while the organ plays a sequence to charm the lost souls.

Ape dotdotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

Dark and murky stomp rock riffs and a fifties horror feel. It's definitely a fifties style progression rocker with a raw and primitive sound.

Creature dotdotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

Moody muted guitar riffs and echo drenched watery tone. Just guitar with a minimal amount of sound effects to make it sound dank. Unchanging never-ending, though fairly brief.

Gargoyle dotdotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

If Neanderthals could play, they play like this. Stompin' lowbrow and kinda fun. It seems to grow on you.

Jack O Lantern dotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

Dark solo guitar longing for a melody plays a nerve driven very low line as if only the pumpkin was in the room.

Bats dotdotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

A familiar ancient riff is all reverbed and echoed while a second guitar presents an uneasy scene. For such a minimal piece, it has its moments.

Robot dotdotdotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

Dark moody machines feedback in a murky dungeon while the dead attempt to gain entry. Very scary when you're home alone with the power is out, assuming you can listen without power of course. At almost four minutes, "Robot" is more than double the average length.

Spook House dotdotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

This is a drone like Neu in a horror chamber at the beach. It's quite an interesting concept, though in such a dank aural environment, it's a bit tedious after a while.

The Shadow Knows dotdotdot
Halloween Surf (Instrumental)

Link Wray and his Raymen's "The Shadow Knows" is slowly dragged out in graveyard style with a low down menacing pace.