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The Inspectors - Big Guitar Showdotdotdot
artworkThis KFJC live show was the debut radio performance by San Francisco's private eye jazz combo the Inspectors. The music is tight and well developed. Mostly melodic, it resides in a place not often covered by modern bands. Only one track with a surf edge, but an all instro band they are, and fun they do deliver.
Picks: Red Tide, El Burro, Language of Love, Hay Ride, Ethiopian, Tres Patos, Cambodian, Trick Ponies, Monkey Beams, Train Song, Win Place Or Show

Track by Track Review

Red Tide dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

A bit of the whammy and then the guitar issues a melodic riff while the organ plays beneath. Great drums and solid bass. Infectious and rock solid, with nice harmonics and a friendly feel. A few tasty glissandoes as well.

El Burro dotdotdot
Private Eye Jazz (Instrumental)

Jazzy Brazilian themes and cool tones create images of afternoon breezes and post Mardi Gras tranquility. Very pretty.

Language of Love dotdotdot
Romantic Sub Surf (Instrumental)

Somewhat jazzy exotic sounds and suave riffs fluidly portray the playful side of attraction. Bouncy and fluent in romantic exhilaration, "Language of Love" is a very smooth and pretty track.

Hay Ride dotdotdot
Overalls And Suspenders (Instrumental)

A little carnival, a touch of overalls and suspenders, a red bandana, and a jazzy sub surf guitar... These things coalesce into a playful track with no shortage of suave.

Ethiopian dotdotdot
Ska (Instrumental)

Not sounding even a little African, "Ethiopian" does emote a haunting Caribbean scene in western terms. Jazzy and delicate, with ska ethics and rhythms.

Tres Patos dotdotdot
TV Jazz (Instrumental)

"Tres Patos" sounds to me like something designed for a TV spot, like "No Matter What Shape" was nearly forty years ago. Bouncy and catchy.

Cambodian dotdotdot
Rockin' Ska (Instrumental)

"Cambodian" rocks against a ska beat, with the organ carrying the lead. Great percussion and smooth guitar, and a solid bass.

Trick Ponies dotdotdot
Midway (Instrumental)

Quirky, carnival sideshow weird, and floating on a daydream nightmare sequence, "Trick Ponies" paints pictures of distorted yet comfortable environs, familiar and foreign. An interesting exercise.

Monkey Beams dotdot
Simian (Instrumental)

Mostly, "Monkey" is angular and semi simian. Odd, but not interesting.

Train Song dotdotdotdot
Railroad (Instrumental)

Smoother than what we generally think of as train tunes, "Train Song" does roll along in a kept-channel kinda way. Mostly, it's a little angular. The train whistles blow, the rhythm of the rails rocks, and the pumpin' steam engine of the bass powers the journey. A very cool song.

Win Place Or Show dotdotdot
Jazz Rock (Instrumental)

Celebrating the win, honoring the place, and showing a good time to all, "Win Place Or Show" playfully prances and sways. A very happy track.