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The Infernos (NY) - Demodotdotdot
artworkStaten Island's Infernos recently cut this demo, which sports two strong tracks and two still on the way. The mix is too drum heavy like most demos, but the songs are very cool.
Picks: Up In The Air, Target: Identified, Agent 69, Spinout

Track by Track Review

Up In The Air dotdotdotdot
Hot Rod Spy Surf (Instrumental)

A fine vibrato lead guitar delivers an upbeat melody against excellent rhythm guitar, bass and drums. Throbbing with excitement and edge.

Target: Identified dotdotdotdot
Hot Rod Spy Surf (Instrumental)

"Target: Identified" is very nice, with a strong beat and a semi-spy melody line. Several changes and some solid arrangement ideas are developing nicely here.

Agent 69 dotdotdot
Hot Rod Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Grodie low-E guitar drives this dissonant espionage number. Well played and crunchy, but underdeveloped melodically, though the break is very cool.

Spinout dotdotdot
Hot Rod Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Fast and busy, "Spinout" races like the hotrod of its imagination. Non melodic nervous drive shaft music. Some parts are pretty surfy.