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album coverThe Infernos Surfin' EP 3 stars
Label: Chunky CHUNK 1 7

The infernos were a British surf instro band. Their lone ep sports some nice material, almost all covers, and energetically played. Generally speaking, the Infernos are crudely recorded (demo quality thumpy), but they are having fun, and were among the few of the early eighties to be jamming on the surf.

Picks: Chunky, Banzai Washout, Mr. Moto, Ventura

"Chunky" 3 stars

This is the Crossfires' tune from 30 years ago. The Crossfires version is better, but this is just about as fun as they come, and I'd guess audiences pogo'd till they dropped.
Surf Instrumental Mono

"1000 lb. Bee" 3 stars

The Ventures, Bobby Fuller, and many others did this tune so many years ago. It's fun, but not very different. Energetic and spunky.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Banzai Washout" 3 stars

Steve Douglas' marvelous tune, best done by the studio band the Catalinas, is less intensely put forth here, energetic but not up to the challenge of the tune. The ringing piercing guitar tone is missing, but all the thunder and drums are there, and the power chords to. Solid.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Mr. Moto" 3 stars

Paul Johnson's classic well done, surfed out with damped reverb and extra whammy, makes for a solid and interesting interpretation.
Surf Instrumental Stereo

"Ventura" 3 stars

The Super Stocks album track rhythmically churned out, missing the Richie Podolor guitar tone, and relying more on bass thump, but still quite listenable.
Surf Instrumental Stereo