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The Index - Black Album Red Album Yesterday And Todaydotdotdotdot
Here we have a rather comprehensive reissue of track from Grosse Point, Michigan's Index. In addition to the obscenely interesting first album, is the entire second album, and 17 unreleased tracks from 1970 on a separate disc. As The Index aged and evolved, they got less interesting musically, yet this very honest music from a radically inventive band. The restoration was not particularly well done, though much better than earlier efforts.
Picks: Israeli Blues, Turquoise Feline, Shockwave, 431 Lakeshore Drive, Kick It Out

Track by Track Review

Israeli Blues dotdotdotdot
Surfadelic (Instrumental)

A very cool blues number with a surf guitar lead. Very unusual track. The lead line is one and a half bars behind the bass line for a really nifty affect. Heavy reverb and dark imagery, part surf, part psych.

Turquoise Feline dotdotdot
Surfadelic (Instrumental)

A major wah wah psych noise instro, huge, reverby, dense... like from the back of the Fillmore.

Shockwave dotdotdotdot
Surfadelic (Instrumental)

Surf instro from a huge psych hall sound, semi-melodic, semi psychedelic, semi surfy. A big progression from surf to wah wah to feedback... very interesting. 30 years before Vibrasonic was a whisper, the Index were reality.

Turquoise Feline II dotdotdot
Blues (Instrumental)

Baring no resemblance at all to "Turquoise Feline," this is a blues jam, dry and uninspired.

Break Out dotdotdot
Psych (Instrumental)

This psych instro is lo-fi ugly and jammy... unremarkable.

431 Lakeshore Drive dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Loosely inspired by "2120 South Michigan Avenue," this organ instro is moody and muddy. As such R&B jams go, "431 Lakeshore Drive" is not bad. You can sure tell they were bread not far from the major soul hubs of the Great Lakes region.

Kick It Out dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"Kick It Out" is a big brash bass boomer of a jam. Part psych, part soul, and all big hall scary. You can just smell the incense and see the liquid lights of suburban garage psych.