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Identity Crisis - Cowgirl In The Sands Of Time c/w The Eeldotdotdotdot
artworkNow, here's a rare item. This disc was test-pressed, then not actually issued. For a brief period in the early nineties, these chameleons of image weren't sure what they wanted to be called. I dubbed them Identity Crisis, which stuck for all of a few weeks and a micro tour of the golden state. That's Dino on the front sleeve. The biggest reason for the brevity of this incarnation was frustration with mascara and falling falsies.
Picks: Cowgirl In The Sands Of Time, The Eel

Track by Track Review

Cowgirl In The Sands Of Time dotdotdotdot
Frontier Spacerock (Vocal)

"Cowgirl In The Sands Of Time" is an eerie merger of two very different songs that use the same exact melody and chords, Neil Young's "Cowgirl In the Sand" and Hawkwind's "Sands Of Time." The concept is more than weird, it's downright scary. Imagine Buffalo Springfield on Mars! Occasionally, brilliance is achieved by ignoring better judgment. This is not such an incident.

The Eel dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

"The Eel" is a live version from an ancient radio performance, during the ill-fated "Who Are We" tour. It was cut at KFJC. This instro has stayed with the band from it's early days as Da Monz right through to today's electric sets as the Berzerkers. It's called "The Eel" because it's in the key of E.