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The Hypnotic IV - Live [Too Loud, Outta Tune, and Barely Gettin' Paid]dotdotdotdot
artwork'Bout time these lads issued a CD. Too Loud, Outta Tune, and Barely Gettin' Paid was recorded live to DAT back in the fall of 2000. The crowd is obviously in tune with their performance, which is tight and powerful.
Picks: Shut Down, PW Moneybags, Go Baby Go!, Hypnotica, Andy's Mood, Runaway, 371XP, Monster Swell, Hernando's Hideaway, Murder On The Beach, Driving Units, Mr. Moto, SR vs. The Man, Rumble, Paradise Beach, Surf Blues Jam

Track by Track Review

Shut Down dotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

The "Boss" riff reworked and twanged into submission is a fifties kinda structure with surf sound. Strong twang and reverb.

PW Moneybags dotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

A great melody line is driven with speed and power in reverb setting. The catchy riff is driven hard, and the intensity is consistent.

Go Baby Go! dotdotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

The "Wipe Out" progression introduces a slightly familiar progression that's pure vintage surf. Big splash and powerful percussion.

Hypnotica dotdotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

With a sort of "fee-fi-fo-fum feel," this pounder quickly launches into speed picked Fender twang and great tribal drums. "Hypnotica" rocks hard and reverbs 'til the cows come home. The spooky dribbling break makes for a moody interlude. Great stuff!

Andy's Mood dotdotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

Just like the studio version, "Andy's Mood" opens with a deceptive soft touch before raging into a double picked guitar, flying drums and thundering bass line monster. This is a tuff reverb nod to the surf. Fast action, throbbing vibrato, and tons of energy.

Runaway dotdotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

Del Shannon's "Runaway" is smartly reverb and twanged. The long shiny notes and dribbling tone is mighty infectious. Not double picked like the Chantays, but played out with pure surf intent. I like this a lot.

371XP dotdotdotdot
Sci-Fi Surf (Instrumental)

Delicate sci-fi space themes, haunting danger, a touch of espionage, and an alternating powerful surf attack permeate this intriguing track. Very nice construction and performance.

Monster Swell dotdotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

"Monster Swell" continues to be my favorite Hypnotic IV track, in part due to the splendid melody line and infectious beat. The rolling drums are like a speedy Hal Blaine beat, the infectious riff, and the energy are quite deluxe. It is a testament to the power of simplicity well crafted. Excellent surf imagery, and solid power.

Hernando's Hideaway dotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

This tweaky tune has been surfed up once or twice before. The humor in the melody and structure comes right through the reverb. Way fun.

Murder On The Beach dotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

Dark and brooding vibrato throbs a dangerous message. Heavy ominous themes, powerfully heaped upon us. Very cool.

Driving Units dotdotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

Fast and furious drums, pumped surf guitar riffs, and a sub punk structure rush "Driving Units" down 101 towards that illusive perfect break. It grows on you.

Mr. Moto dotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

Paul Johnson's "Mr. Moto" reverbed out and smoothly delivered. Solid performance.

SR vs. The Man dotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

Relentless double picked drive and shortboard powered thrash, destined for a quick run. So, is "SR vs. The Man" about Stevie Ray Vaughan and Dick Dale? Neither seems present in this tune.

Rumble dotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

Classic Link Wray suspense, big reverbed twang and vibrato, and that requisite moody menacing gate. Great version.

Paradise Beach dotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

"Paradise Beach" is a riff driven thing with a friendly gate and reverb sound. Not as melodic as many of their tracks. The drum break is rhythmic and in the vein created when the Surfaris covered "Surf Drums."

Surf Blues Jam dotdotdotdot
Heavy Surf (Instrumental)

Out beyond the end of "Paradise Beach" at about the five minute mark resides the uncredited eighteen minute number that is "Surf Blues Jam" (my title, not theirs). Slow and oh-so blue, this liquid reverbed blues jam is soft and fluid, in the tradition of the surf bands of old. Long at almost 14 minutes, very surfable, and quite nice! Also uncredited, "Pipeline" is a solid traditional romp through thee classic surf instro. Damped and reverbed and sounding too cool. It includes a line or two from "Secret Agent Man." After an interlude of beat and reverb, the Hypnotic IV launch into a fine "Miserlou." It's obviously a last call jam ending a night of reverb and power.