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The Hypnomen - We Three Hypnomendotdotdotdot
artworkThe Hypnomen have cut some commanding music over the years, but I still like this 10" ep the best. Six monstrous and dangerous tracks with solid writing and dark dark sound.
Picks: We Three Hypnomen, Saroonie, Shawneee, Vigilante Rider, Fuego Malo, Satan Took My Lung

Track by Track Review

We Three Hypnomen dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Dark pumpin' grind assault the silence. Non-melodic evil thrash dissonance for a thundering night of plunder. Monstrous.

Saroonie dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

"Saroonie" is a spy based tune that uses a weird little Ventures In Space howl, and a Euro TV theme feel. The melody riff is very cool, and the guitar tone very surfy.

Shawneee dotdotdotdotdot
Evil Surf (Instrumental)

Mucho evil chords grind and distorted surf menace the storm surge. This is huge and just plain mean! A great melody line and lumbering danger, along with some controlled throbbing, make "Shawneee" a track to reckon with!

Vigilante Rider dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

"Vigilante Rider" opens with "Church Key" whammy dips, then suddenly drops into the depths of demented stinging guitar, melodic, hyper powered, and very big. Raging bulls don't break china like this. Thick and rhythmic.

Fuego Malo dotdotdotdot
Spy (Instrumental)

Murky danger and whistling organ, ultra distortion guitar, and a spy-like melody line. Big drama and intensely dangerous sound, along with a fluid melody line! Overpowering and threatening.

Satan Took My Lung dotdotdotdot
Spy Surf (Instrumental)

Big chamber verb... throbbing guitar, damn mean... "Satan Took My Lung" is simply a danger to your life! It completely commands, taking any sense of safety away.