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The Hypnomen - S/Tdotdotdot
artworkGermany's String Records issued this single by Finland's Hypnomen. It's a four+ star single that is held down by less than stellar fidelity, but it really cooks! These guys are definitely garage instro more than surf, but I like 'em. Their other single is way cool too (reviewed previously here). There's a definite feel of Link Wray about the whole thing, particularly Wray's "I'm Branded, " and that's the low point.
Picks: El Hombre Rojo, I'm Branded, A Blade In The Sun, Strollin' On A Deathray

Track by Track Review

El Hombre Rojo dotdotdot
Surf Fuzz Pop (Instrumental)

Really cool slightly fuzzy surf number with infectious rating of 3.5

I'm Branded dotdot
Link Wray (Instrumental)

A standard cover of Link Wray's tune.

A Blade In The Sun dotdotdot
Austin Whammy Fuzz (Instrumental)

Big Austin whammy action with mondo distorted bass.

Strollin' On A Deathray dotdotdot
Biker Fuzz Vibrato Surf (Instrumental)

Way fuzzy vibrato evil and cool!