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The Huntington Cads - Introduce The New Sounddotdot
artworkFor me, this is a disappointing release from the Huntington Cads. While there are a couple of nice tracks, and a couple that capture some of the energy, this is mostly pretty nondescript instrumental guitar music, often with the drums nearly gone from the mix, and generally dull sounding. Sorry if you find this to be cruel, but this just isn't very interesting.
Picks: Besame Mucho, Never To Return, Outer Orbit, Goodnight Suzanne, Always Anna, Blue Sounds, Theme From The Maneater, New Dimension, New Sound Samba, Lovely Nobuko, Lovers Lane, Sweethearts Theme, Super Kay, Shanghaid

Track by Track Review

Besame Mucho dotdotdot
Suave (Instrumental)

This is a stunningly pretty arrangement of the classic "Besame Mucho." Just shy of being MOR, separated from that genre by the pure rich reverb guitar tone and the surf whammy. The reverb on the drum kit is tasty too.

Never To Return dotdotdot
Suave (Instrumental)

Fine whammified surf, double picked and moody. The melody line is enjoyable, but mostly it's the tone that carries it off.

Outer Orbit dotdotdot
Suave (Instrumental)

This is a pleasant enough track, but it doesn't stick in the memory banks. The guitar tone here is dull against the organ, which is subdued enough to prevent overwhelming the track. The guitar work is nice. The drums are completely lost in the background.

Goodnight Suzanne dotdotdot
Suave MOR (Instrumental)

MOR stylings and a too-pretty sound keep this from sticking. It's quite nice, just unmemorable.

Always Anna dotdotdot
Suave MOR (Instrumental)

More MOR, like chasing down Buddy Merrill in his lesser roles. Quite pretty, but it won't grab you unless you are looking for that romantic mood sound.

Blue Sounds dotdotdot
Suave MOR (Instrumental)

Another very MOR track, quite pretty and well played, but not magnetic at all.

Theme From The Maneater dotdotdot
Suave MOR (Instrumental)

Plucky damped surf guitar and gentle swimming chords set the stage for a relatively cool track. The emotion is just too low and the sound to dull to make it happen. This slowish number does sport a fifties slow-jazz drum break.

New Dimension dotdotdot
Suave MOR (Instrumental)

This Euro styled number is faster, with a lot of Laika & the Cosmonauts and little surf. It's a riff driven tune, not very infectious or memorable. The overuse of tape echo detracts.

New Sound Samba dotdot
Suave MOR (Instrumental)

MOR samba is more like it. This just isn't very interesting.

Lovely Nobuko dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Double picked melody lines, and an interesting energy carry this one off. It's spunky enough to capture interest, but nonintrusive enough to fill in the spaces of a gathering.

Lovers Lane dotdotdot
MOR (Instrumental)

Gentle nondescript instrumental fair. It has a definite fifties ethic.

Sweethearts Theme dotdotdot
MOR Surf (Instrumental)

This is a cool track, but it is just too shallow for my tastes. I want to like it, but I know I'll forget it as soon as it's out of the CD player.

Super Kay dotdotdot

Chord driven, muddy sounding, and fifties small label oriented in structure. No melody, just a riff and a rhythm.

Shanghaid dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Atlantics styled, but less intense. Surfy enough, and faster paced with enough energy, though the recording seems to dumb down the edge.