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Lord Hunt and his Missing Finks - Rodan c/w The Clutchdotdot
artworkAnother slice of past glory for the Finks. Band is dissolved into the Bomboras. Two poorly recorded tracks, one surf (Rodan) with stupid horror sounds overdubbed, and one a vibrato laden 50's instro a la Link Wary (The Clutch).
Picks: Rodan, The Clutch

Track by Track Review

Rodan dotdot
Moron Surf (Instrumental)

Lo-fi chord progressions, fifties double picking, and nimrod laughing. Moron surf for the less articulate.

The Clutch dotdot
Vibrato Fifties Drag (Instrumental)

Another lo end track, opening with a track announcement and motor sounds taken from some drag racing album. Fifties vibrato progression.