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The HT3 - S/Tdotdotdot
artworkSt. Louis Park, Minnesota 1965, the HT3 were making a buzz with very well written pop songs. While the recordings here are generally poorly produced, the music displays a freshness and writing skill not often heard. HT3 is Harley Toberman and company (hence the name). Their first single "Cool Breeze" actually charted some, and got airplay not only locally on KDWB, but also on sister station KFWB in Los Angeles. Excellent liner notes, and lost gems of a bygone garage era make this a fun listening experience, and provide fodder for bands today to cover.
Picks: Sing La La, Cool Breeze, You're Gonna Leave, A Strong Cool Breeze

Track by Track Review

Sing La La dotdotdot
Surf Organ (Instrumental)

Here we find an organ taking the lead with a whistling Wurlitzer almost carnival sound, backed by surf guitar and occasional yakking. It's both awful and quite infectious...

Cool Breeze dotdotdot
Surf Piano Exotica (Instrumental)

This is a very cool track, with tribal drums, a distant surf guitar rhythm, and a very spiffy piano lead playing a rock-solid melody. With an almost classical feel, "Cool Breeze" is totally infectious.

You're Gonna Leave dotdotdot
Surf Backtrack (Instrumental)

This is actually the surf backtrack to the vocal version of this song. The guitar riffs are melodic enough to carry the song without the vocals at all, especially because in this format the rest of the band is quite audible.

A Strong Cool Breeze dotdotdot
Surf Organ (Instrumental)

Another take of "A Cool Breeze," this time with organ instead of piano. The same infectious feel, but this time with a bit of a frat party feel. very fun.