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The Hot Rodders - Big Hot Roddot
artworkFour really weak instros among equally unimpressive vocals. This is a studio project featuring Jerry Cole.
Picks: Super Charged, The Screamer, Drag Shoot, Wild Willys

Track by Track Review

Super Charged dot
Surf Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Screaming tires, sax, and a guitar pattern just don't create enough interest here. It's non-melodic and just not interesting beyond the first verse. The break is just noodling. This is one of the most unchanging tracks on this CD. "Super Charged" is based on a single repetitious guitar riff with a jammy sax. It really goes nowhere,and if it weren't for the engines screaming, it would be without dynamics. This is the sort of track that's pretty frustrating, because it seems like only the bud of an idea, and had it come to a real band. it likely would have evolved into a solid instro through the chemistry of the band members.

The Screamer dot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

This is pure riff rock. It's gutty, but very unimaginative.

Drag Shoot dot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

"Drag Shoot" is based on a time worn R&B progression and a tired riff. It seems like a pale Bill Dogget inspired song.

Wild Willys dotdot
Hot Rod (Instrumental)

Here's another track that perhaps could have become a cool song with time under the belt, but as a studio product, it just did not have the time to develop.