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Honk - The Original Soundtrack From Five Summer Storiesdot
artworkOther than the opening feedback track, this LP has little to offer the surf fan. It's too much soundtrack incidental, and too little listenable music, and it has absolutely no relationship to surf music.
Picks: Creation, Brad and David's Theme, Hum Drums, Bear's Country, Lopez, Blue To Your Backdrop Instrumental, Tunnel Of Love, Pipeline Sequence

Track by Track Review

Creation dot
Rock (Instrumental)

A long slow organ and howl serves as an introduction to the film.

Brad and David's Theme dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This is a soft and fluid piece that hints at the sea, but never goes near the water. Pretty and almost romantic, and an after dark adventure kinda tune.

Hum Drums dot
Country (Instrumental)

A drum solo, well played, but of little interest as the title suggests.

Bear's Country dotdot
Soft Country (Instrumental)

This is a soft rock country floater. Pleasant, but dismissible. As a soundtrack device, it works great, but serves only as a backdrop otherwise.

Lopez dotdot
Afterhours (Instrumental)

Soft electric piano shimmer drives a moody after hours tune that's pretty, but not memorable.

Blue To Your Backdrop Instrumental dotdot
Prom (Instrumental)

The dramatic promenade piano would surely work well behind a high school last dance visual. Alone, it's no more than a background to a warm afternoon at K-mart.

Tunnel Of Love dotdotdot
Afternoon (Instrumental)

"Tunnel Of Love" is a gentle afternoon drive through the rain in a green valley. It's soft and floating, and delicately pretty.

Pipeline Sequence dotdotdot
Jazz (Instrumental)

As a jazzy accompaniment to a warm breezy summer day surfing sequence closing a film, this is probably just fine, but as a focus for listening, it's not very impressive. More a seventies jam than a song. This live rendition is better than the soundtrack version, but the song is still just a sequence filler.