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Buddy Holly - Not Fade Away, The Complete Studio Recordings and Moredotdotdotdot
artworkTis is a monumental box set, complete recordings, warts and all! There are five instros, of which 3 are demos and two are the real deal. Buddy was an extremely important artist in many ways, and his guitar artistry and writing were superb. He did little instrumental work, but surely had the skill and the writing knack.
Picks: Honky Tonk, Holly Hop, Buddy's Guitar, Honky Tonk, Holly Hop

Track by Track Review

Honky Tonk dotdotdot
Rock & Roll (Instrumental)

This is a very basic, almost primitive take of Bill Dogget's "Honky Tonk." Its crude sound doesn't hide smooth guitar work, but the drums are pretty stiff at times. Still, it's history, isn't it!

Holly Hop dotdotdot
Rock & Roll (Instrumental)

A primitive recording of a raucous performance of a wonderful Buddy Holly instro romp. The crudeness of the recording doesn't mask the great drum action or the spirit of the band. It's perfectly clear from this track that Buddy Holly and the Crickets were a force to be reckoned with. There is a stereo version of this around, as well as a splendid cover by Bobby Vee's band.

Buddy's Guitar dotdotdotdot
Rock & Roll (Instrumental)

This is a lovely tremolo guitar solo played by Buddy Holly. The tone and inflection are superb. It's magical glimpses into his work that really express the talent that he was, even when alone on guitar. This untitled Instrumental (later dubbed "Buddy's Guitar") was listed on the session documentation as 'Tremolo Instrumental'

Honky Tonk dotdotdot
Rock & Roll (Instrumental)

Bill Dogget's "Honky Tonk" is done with a gentle smoothness, with muted rhythm guitar and Buddy's lead a bit too far in the distance. The sound of the track is quite crisp.

Holly Hop dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This is a splendid rockin' track, with infectious rhythm and precise guitar work. The Crickets are rockin' as Buddy Holly fires off the riffs. "Holly Hop" is all about infectious rhythms and fun!