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Gary Hoey - Hocus Pocus Livedotdot
artworkHeavy sludge metal from the surfers' pal. This CD is recorded live, and while energetic, is often one dimension in both sound and style. there are a few interesting spots, but mostly it is without surf merit. Gary Hoey can definitely play. His chosen style is just not very interesting to me.
Picks: Blast, Drive, High-Top Bop, Peace Pipe, Low Rider, Linus and Lucy, The Deep, BertŐs Lounge, Hocus Pocus, Wipe Out, Tele Like It Is, Hocus Pocus [Insanity Mix]

Track by Track Review

Blast dot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

This track is a self indulgent noodle fest, it the overworked big venue guitar hero sense. No melody, just leaning back with hair flying in the artificial wind while long sustained notes burst the ear drums.

Drive dot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

Thick, guitar hero metal riffs, waiting for a song to arrive on scene. No more than a riff, and over indulged stylized string bending.

High-Top Bop dot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

Chunk and thump, and a rhythmic backtrack that promised but did not deliver a changing lead attitude. The lead lines are the sort of thing that was merely a two line guitar break in a single, now stretched out to five minutes.

Peace Pipe dot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

Funky drums and bass, and an interesting, almost melodic lead line. ItŐs too long to hold attention, but it is miles above the other originals here. The playing is more subtle, less guitar ego, and much more enjoyable.

Low Rider dotdot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

The best cover of this song is from Spiral Jetty. This is too heroic, too spotlight, and not funky enough. This is ok, just too predictable.

Linus and Lucy dotdot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

Vince GuaraldiŐs most familiar tune from the first PeanutŐs TV special. Gary Hoey delivers a powerhouse version, with none of the subtlety, but plenty of energy, like a minor Jimi Hendrix clone interpretation. ItŐs enjoyable, and not too long, but still a bit too guitar hero for my taste. The surf arrangement from JFA is by far the best rock interpretation of this song.

The Deep dotdotdot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

Watery scenes from the gloomy side of the sea. Slower and moodier, this is actually a listenable and visual track, though itŐs entirely too long. After the lengthy intro, it swells to a howling evil thunder and shrill scream that might have come from the Scorpions in Ô74. The more delicate work just past that is enjoyable. ItŐs a very pompous track, but has more art to it than others here. A little less festival guitar stuff would keep it from losing the thread. It is an effective track.

BertŐs Lounge dot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

Semi jazzy riffs, thick power trio sound, and too much noodle with too little melody.

Hocus Pocus dotdot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

The Focus quirky hit, reconstituted for the metal crowd. ItŐs fun and powerful. Gary retains the playfulness of the original, while thundering with a much heavier sound, replacing the yodels with wah-wah guitar.

Wipe Out dot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

Heavy sludge metal version of the Surfaris hit. ItŐs been done to death, even if you just consider metal version.

Tele Like It Is dotdotdot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

Studio track, with a softer, more fluid sound and more arty sense about it. Still not very melodic, and definitely prog based. ItŐs an easily listened to track, but not memorable.

Hocus Pocus [Insanity Mix] dotdot
Metal Guitar Hero (Instrumental)

This is a reggae and sludge mix of the Focus hit. Studio fretboard fingering show off.