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Jimi Hendrix - War Heroesdotdotdotdot
artworkJimi Hendrix was a south paw player who used a right handed Fender upside down without restringing, something that he'd taken notice of Dick Dale doing back in '62 when he saw him a few times, or so the legend goes. It was his apology to Dick that was at the root of his line from Third Stone. This track makes the bridge visible, and clarifies the surfy basis of May This Be Love as well. The rest of the CD ain't bad, neither.
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Peter Gunn Catastrophe dotdotdotdot
Jimi Surf (Instrumental)

Jimi Hendrix was messin' around at Electric Ladyland, and his sidemen jumped in with him as he partialed out a rendition of Peter Gunn, possibly inspired by one of the times he saw Dick Dale do it at the Rendezvous. With the Echoplex going, it's not much of a leap from here to Dick. A priceless stitch in time.