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Helvissa - Surfin' With Helvissadotdotdot
artworkOut of a strange cauldron of drone and surf appear Birmingham's Helvissa. Hypnotic, almost trancelike, but with puling beats and surfisms. The music is quite unique, with UK urban hypnotica combined with coastal reverb.
Picks: The Ho-Ho Hodad, Slashfic, Surfin' With Helvissa

Track by Track Review

The Ho-Ho Hodad dotdotdot
Minimalist Garage Surf (Instrumental)

A low brow beat, bass, and surfish guitar rhythm, accompanied by organ, play a non-melodic frat rockin' kind of tune, though it's surely less aggro and more twangy. While not polished at all, and sounding like it's still under development, "The Ho-Ho Hodad" ends up being fun and circular.

Slashfic dotdotdot
Minimalist Garage Surf (Instrumental)

A happy handclap rhythm and drum beat, with heavy bass thunder and relentless fuzzy guitar, combine to create a relatively unchanging song that's hypnotic and oddly interesting.

Surfin' With Helvissa dotdotdot
Minimalist Garage Surf (Instrumental)

"Surfin' With Helvissa" is oddly the least surfy of the three instros here. A churchy organ and low bass, a distant drum kit, and organ lead. Somewhat disturbed, and haunting too.