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Hell Preachers Inc. - Supreme Psychedelic Undergrounddotdot
artworkThis album is reviewed here as a reference only. It is not by any stretch surf, but does have 6 instrumentals on it. Supreme Psychedelic Underground is yet another budget psych exploito exercise. While it is more accurate with regard to the sound of fourth tier San Francisco bands circa 1968, it's also quite dismissible. The vocals are dreadful, and the instros are very jammy. The album is rumored to have been recorded by Deep Purple members Ritchie Blackmore, Ian Paice, and Jon Lord, but this is unsubstantiated as far as I know. It's very British sounding in some regards, but very west coast too. It was originally issued in the US.
Picks: Shalom

Track by Track Review

Time Race 1 dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

Dark, heavy, bluesy, typically sixties San Francisco with rapid string bending and mindless noodling. While this sounds like it's right off the stage in Berkeley, it's also much too jammy to be memorable.

Shalom dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

Distant wah wah and tv western gunshots run amok until the organ comes along with a bit of spring at the funeral. The chorus is just plain awful, but the drug induced trance and mood swings are all sixties wannabe.

Nirwana dotdotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

Drum drama, eerie female voicings, distant organ, and relatively nonmusical drumming give "Nirwana" a no-thanks vote. All trip, no music. The female voice apes Grace Slick at times.

Courante dotdot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

The organ dominates with a purely English sound and riffology strained through tremolo to create a psycho-effect that's different from Leslie. The female chorus is all la-la-la goofy.

We Like The White Man
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

fake Indian drums tribally back weird chants of "we like the white man" and other nonsense. Pure pap!

Time Race 2 dot
Psychedelic (Instrumental)

"Time Race 2" is a much less engaging continuation of "Time Race 1." You can just move on.