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The Heavies - Rise Abovedotdotdotdot
artworkThis is the commercial pressing of the Heavies' Rise Above.

Great grode rock harsh surf from Chicago's Heavies. The tracks range from dark and lumbering like England's Hard Stuff to fast surf rock like the Berzerkers, yet it's all really quite fresh. If you think a blend of aggressive rock and surf is an interesting idea, this will fill your prescription.
Picks: The Weight, Missing Link, Bitemark, Running Backwards, The Dare, Armadillo, Calm And Cool, Cloudburst, Ride It Out, Earth vs. The Heavies

Track by Track Review

The Weight dotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

"The Weight" is a pretty dark song with guttural tone and edgy glissandos. The drums roll and the aggressive guitars merge rock and surf pretty well. This is not the J. R. Robertson's song.

Missing Link dotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

Perhaps a comment on cavemen, "Missing Link" is an interesting track with great drum work and a very serviceable riff. Plenty of energy and spunk, with lots an aggro surf feel.

Bitemark dotdotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

This is a fine instro that bares multiple listenings. It captivates and compels, and runs really nice along with an ocean view drive. Very good writing and playing. "Bitemark" is slightly sad, and sports a infectious imagery and energy. It's is a very cool song that's surf and not surf. Lots of surfisms and whammy chords and imagery, and dryer tone with melodic rock sensibility.

Running Backwards dotdotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

The "Walk Don't Run" bass line and drums serve up a totally original melody line. Rock and surf meld with loud abandon for a brisk ride on a stormy face. Quite a cool track.

The Dare dotdotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

Tuff and moody, "The Dare" sports a great melody line and lots of dark energy. It reminds me of some of the Berzerkers tracks, with fuzz and reverb cohabiting the lead guitar. Excellent and powerful.

Armadillo dotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

Reminding me of early seventies British hard rock trios like Hard Stuff, "Armadillo" is a relentless and gloomy track with pure rock creds. Not a drop of surf, aside from a couple of very well placed glissandos. If Ozzy "got" surf, he'd probably sound like this.

Calm And Cool dotdotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

"Calm And Cool" owes a lot to "Windy And Warm," though it's not the same. Loud and flippant, with a big rock sound.

Cloudburst dotdotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

Long chords, frequent machine gun glissandos, rockin' drums, and dark bass combine in this very cool track. It'll fulfill you without wearing you out. Get your rock glissando quotient here.

Ride It Out dotdotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

Great double picked rock guitar tone, gutty bass, rockin' drums. Yup, "Ride It Out" is a well-titled number with a modern sound and lots of energy. Really cool!

Earth vs. The Heavies dotdotdotdot
Aggro Surf (Instrumental)

This mid tempo growler sports harsh chords, intense compression, long sustain, and a brooding and dangerous sound. "Earth vs. The Heavies" lumbers and threatens and darkens your door. Wow!