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Jet Harris - Besame Muchodotdotdot
artworkThe a-side of this ep contains an intro and an almost instro. Nothing really earthshaking here, though Jet Harris sure did influence a bunch of players to follow.

Jet Harris was the bass guitarist for The Shadows until he and Shadows drummer Tony Meehan teamed up on their own. The highest profile single Jet Harris and Tony Meehan issued was "Diamonds," followed by "Scarlett O'Hara" and "Applejack." An auto accident later that year, coupled with personal problems, cut his success short. Harris was briefly a member of The Jeff Beck Group in 1967.
Picks: Besame Mucho, Rave

Track by Track Review

Besame Mucho dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Jet Harris' signature baritone guitar plays an evil "Besame Mucho" against a light weight backtrack with an endless chant of the title, and the lyrics in the middle. Not exactly an instro, but mostly. Aside from its uniqueness and the deep guitar, this version is wholly unmemorable.

Rave dotdotdot
British Big Bass (Instrumental)

"Rave" is a Jet Harris solo track, with ultra grode low-LOW leads, and a bluesy harmonica over a catchy beat. I can just hear Los Straitjackets messing around with this. Come on Danny, take a shot.