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artworkIt sounds like it looks - eighties guitar wank with occasional rays of hope. This 1981 LP appears to be a solo project. Despite the vanity label, it was recorded at RCA, Atlantic, Celestial and other large New York studios. The best part of the whole package is the note at the bottom of the rear cover which reads "Not Made In England."
Picks: Sleeping W/Antiques I, Guitargraphy, Guitolocaust, Danielle, Don't Ask For Reasons, Telestar, Her Initials

Track by Track Review

Sleeping W/Antiques I
Eighties Wanker (Instrumental)

"Sleeping W/Antiques I" is essentially riff rock, employing an endlessly repeated line that sounds like little more than a bridge. The guitar tone is guitar hero sustain.

Guitargraphy dotdotdot
Eighties War (Instrumental)

With touches of influence from early Amboy Dukes, "Guitargraphy" has some bright flourishes of reverbed assault, which interrupt endless assaults of flying dissonance. Warlike and intriguing, though not melodic.

Guitolocaust dotdotdot
Eighties Death (Instrumental)

One might expect horrific death and war scenes. One would be roughly rewarded, though certainly not with the caliber of the Hendrixian "Machine Gun." Here, the horror is the relentlessness of the repetition, saved only by the howling nightmare.

Danielle dot
Eighties Wanker (Instrumental)

"Danielle" soars with unflattering celebration of the female form. No date getter this, just a series of notes and noises.

Don't Ask For Reasons dotdotdot
Eighties Ghostriders (Instrumental)

The opening guitar lines are spacy in the Phil Manzanera mold. Long feedback and soaring echoes. This is a guitar solo of layered scenes and spooky battle grounds. For effect, it's actually very eerie.

Telestar dotdotdot
Eighties Post Punk (Instrumental)

Early eighties sub Devo post punk wave cuteness permeates this cover of the Tornados' "Telstar." The long sustain guitar drives it with eighties warble while the drums pump out a post disco beat. Fun, but not really interesting.

Her Initials dotdot
Eighties Wanker (Instrumental)

This track is layered by 4 Les Pauls. The layering is the main event. There's no melody, just soaring notes over various guitar riffs and effects. Disengaging intellectualized conflict.