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Halteras - Wild Surf Combodotdotdot
artworkThis is truly in its own space. Self-described as Tex-Mex Surfaghetti, but with Memphis soul organ and a broad variety of influences. Just a few surf oriented tracks, and at that not trad at all, but still in the groove for great coastal highway driving.
Picks: Greaseball, Outlaw, Spacewalk, Fix It Again, Tony, 12 Piece Bucket O' Trouble, Dick's Halfway Inn, Wooden Balls

Track by Track Review

Jump The Shark dotdotdot
Tex-Mex Surfaghetti (Instrumental)

"Jump The Shark" employs a circulating riff on a modestly paced bed with cheesy organ chords. Some tasteful whammy chords. The jump blues break is fun, but uninspiring, while the ska variation with sax lead is a little more engaging. While moody and kind of saucy, it seems to me to be too repetitious.

Greaseball dotdotdotdot
Tex-Mex Surfaghetti (Instrumental)

late night sax, cool ska guitar, a splendid bass line, and tight drums. The arrangement doesn't vary much, but that's alright because it has a cool groove. Sax carries the mournful lead. Big grins and fun.

Woodpecker Stomp dotdotdot
Tex-Mex Surfaghetti (Instrumental)

Honkin' sax and sultry organ swirl. A touch of The Rumblers' moodiness, but the guitar riff is too close to Eddie Angel for comfort.

Banditos de Rosemont dotdotdot
Tex-Mex Surfaghetti (Instrumental)

Organ and guitar run beneath a sax lead. On the soulful side, perhaps in the Memphis style. You can easily imagine a late-night smoke-filled club on the wrong side of the tracks.

Outlaw dotdotdotdot
Tex-Mex Surfaghetti (Instrumental)

Rich surf chords ring in the opening. The twang of the melody and the swimming whammy chords are superb as they ride above moody bass and softly tribal drums. The organ is fairly subtle here, except where it takes the lead in the break.

Spacewalk dotdotdot
Tex-Mex Surfaghetti (Instrumental)

Rocket ship sound effects precede tribal drums and cool guitar lines with superb bass. I was hoping from the title is Halteras covered The Astros' "Spacewalk," but alas it's not. That's just fine, because this is saucy, suggestive, and rather cool.

Fix It Again, Tony dotdotdotdot
Tex-Mex Surfaghetti (Instrumental)

galloping cowboy jazz with whip-cracking and great rhythms. The sax is very good here, as is the twang rhythm pattern. Sax leads don't often do it for me, but "Fix It Again, Tony" is very cool - infectious and fun!

12 Piece Bucket O' Trouble dotdotdotdot
Tex-Mex Surfaghetti (Instrumental)

Chickens quietly cluck and the honkin' sax squonk rhythm bumps along under the sax lead. "12 Piece Bucket O' Trouble" is a soulful cruisin' wonder. It harkens back to the fifties and early sixties, but is also modern. The lip-flap glissando is panned left to right! Now that's unique! Quite fun.

Dick's Halfway Inn dotdotdot
Tex-Mex Surfaghetti (Instrumental)

Kinda country, kinda blues, kinda saucy vacation. "Dick's Halfway Inn" is a bit cheesy, somewhat suggestive, and certainly smooth.

Wooden Balls dotdotdot
Tex-Mex Surfaghetti (Instrumental)

Fun guitar riffs and a country beat, with a cowboy sidebar. "Wooden Balls" is almost infectious, and is certainly fun. The narrative about driving with the top down is pretty fun.