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GT Stringer - The Gasserdotdotdotdot
artworkThis is the second CD from GT Stringer. They are longboarders that hail from Adelaide in South Australia. Like their first CD, they mix surf and jazz and funk and a cool sax to create their own unique brand of surf. They are among the best practitioners of envelope pushing surf using jazz as their departure/entry point. They've added a fifth member on Hammond organ, and that has expanded the sound in a very satisfying way. Recorded in July '96 direct to digital, the sound is pristine, employing their exclusive "Surfersonic Stereo Mix".
Picks: Gasser, Scraper, Bikini, Time Out, Surfin' Mu Cha Cha, Surf Rescue, King Of Wax, Out Of Gas

Track by Track Review

Gasser dotdotdot
Surf Jazz Funk Rod (Instrumental)

The motors wind up at the starting line, the announcer yells out some important info, and then the band starts to play as the rods leave the line. It's a cool song with guitars and sax balanced. Simple can be boring and repetitious, or interesting, in large part separated by the playing and whimsy of the artist. This works well. The Hammond is great too. I could have done without the shouts and stuff, but they don't really detract, so...

Scraper dotdotdot
Surf Jazz Funk R&B (Instrumental)

Starts like Lonnie Mack's "Wham," but then turns left to become an R&B thing with the Hammond pumping away in the back with the bass and yielding to sax leads.

Bikini dotdot
Surf Jazz Funk (Instrumental)

Big keys and sax with jazzy R&B flourishes and some funk. The quirky nature of the stop-start tune are accented with the low-down utterance of "Bikini." It all works.

Time Out dotdotdot
Surf Jazz Funk Polynesian (Instrumental)

Jazzy Polynesian horns and keys and guitars... very gentle. Theme for a bar-bee in the outback.

Surfin' Mu Cha Cha dotdotdotdotdot
Spanish Surf (Instrumental)

This is a monster! Spanish surfistas with Hammond behind the guitars and sax. The sax is gnarly+ giving the whole song a mysterious uneasy feel. I love this!

Surf Rescue dotdotdotdot
Surf Jazz Funk (Instrumental)

Dark and edgy, this track has bits of feedback under the bed, and nifty sax lines suck you in.

King Of Wax dotdotdotdot
Island Jazz Funk Surf (Instrumental)

Hilarious tale of Franco the "King Of Wax" who gets his wax right from the bees themselves, with permission of course. It's a tale all spoken over a funky bass line interspersed with jazzy Caribbean flourishes. Very fun indeed.

Out Of Gas dotdot
Surf Jazz Funk (Instrumental)

Out of gas, but not out of energy. It's not their usual killer. It's funny how a band you come to expect stellar work from can do something quite usual and respectable, but compared to their other work it seems so shallow. This is a nice track, just not stellar GTS.