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Art Greenhaw, Vatsal Dave, and Neel Bratt - Ghost Riders At Pipeline: Lone Star Sitar Vol. 2dotdotdotdot
artworkArt Greenhaw with Vatsal Dave and Neel Bratt make substantially adventurous music born of Indian traditions. The sitars and tablas are often augmented by guitar and sax. I noticed this because they cover "Pipeline," but there's a lot more here than a surf cover or two. As long as you are open to different styles, I think you might find this interesting and enjoyable.
Picks: Ghost Riders In The Sky, Pipeline, Meha (Rain), Ma Bhairavi, His Majesty Contemplative, His Majesty Triumphant, The Dance Of Lord Shiva

Track by Track Review

Ghost Riders In The Sky dotdotdotdotdot
Surf Sitar (Instrumental)

There's something very mysterious about cowboys riding across Sulaman Rajar. This is brilliant. The merger of the country twang and the sitar and tablas is superb, and when the sax verse comes in, it just gets more delicious. Amazing!

Hills Of Kashmir dotdotdot
Surf Sitar (Instrumental)

Easy solo sitar slither delicately floats on tablas in this relatively traditional sitar instro. The melody is haunting in a Beatles sitar sort of way. Pretty, but not particularly engaging.

Pipeline dotdotdotdot
Surf Sitar (Instrumental)

Gritty and rough glissandos and lead guitar are accompanied by tablas and sitar. The sax break adds rock credibility. If not for The Bombay Beach Boys stellar version, this would be more enticing. That aside, it is very listenable and cool in a spooky exotic way.

Meha (Rain) dotdotdot
Surf Sitar (Instrumental)

"Meha (Rain)" has a traditional raga sound and feel. It's melody lines really do portray a rainy day vision of tropical places. Very nice.

Ma Bhairavi dotdotdot
Surf Sitar (Instrumental)

Soothing, slow and sad, with sitar drone and tablas. Quite pretty.

His Majesty Contemplative dotdotdotdot
Surf Sitar (Instrumental)

Sitar plays a sad and very modern melody of the western world. It's string bending warbles are very cool here. There's a jazzy flute verse and acoustic guitar too. "His Majesty Contemplative" sneaks up on you. Looking back on it, tis is a very cool track. I was surprised that happened.

His Majesty Triumphant dotdotdot
Surf Sitar (Instrumental)

Foggy and haunting, with a cool, sort of Violent Femmes acoustic guitar rhythm, and eventually a more traditional raga. While hard not to like, it also doesn't really call you back.

The Dance Of Lord Shiva dotdotdotdot
Surf Sitar (Instrumental)

An exotic progression somewhat inspired by "Smoke On The Water," with delicate double picked lines and tablas. "The Dance Of Lord Shiva" is down right spooky, and very engaging.