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Golden Zombies - The 24 Kilate Sounddotdotdot
artworkOrgan dominated horror sludge instros from the demented mind of Golden Zombies. I think they are from Spain. In some ways, their sound is like a rockabilly-frat oriented Johnny and the Hurricanes, with occasional surfisms. Mostly jam driven, with a frat focus and some interesting riffs. Unpretentious rock 'n' roll with touches of surf here and there.
Picks: 44 Pound Rat, Walkin' In The Dust, Brand New Clock, Tail Pipe, Cheatin' Charlie, Les Cornichons, Stoned Chicken, Stay, Creepy Congo, Creepy Old Sound

Track by Track Review

44 Pound Rat dotdot
Memphis Soul Organ (Instrumental)

The circling trashy organ has too much fun in this trashy frat blaster. Rockabilly-surf guitar, trashy bass and drums, with the out-front organ in charge. Way fun!

Walkin' In The Dust dotdotdot
Memphis Soul Organ (Instrumental)

Big twang echoed guitar riffin and a-rockin' while the backtrack churns and swirls. High energy fun.

Brand New Clock dotdotdot
Memphis Soul Organ (Instrumental)

"Brand New Clock" is a sort of Booker T. and the MG's thing with a touch of Perez Prado in the Pacific Northwest. Quite infectious.

Tail Pipe dotdot
Memphis Soul Organ (Instrumental)

Echoed boogie Münster rock. Very riffy and repetitious, but fun.

Cheatin' Charlie dotdotdot
Memphis Soul Organ (Instrumental)

"Cheatin' Charlie" sports cool damped guitar in a "Shot In The Dark" format while the organ whistles to the damp underbelly of the night. With some jazzy guitar work in the middle, it's quite a nice track.

Les Cornichons dotdotdotdot
Memphis Soul Organ (Instrumental)

With a "Music To Watch Girls" By melody line, "Les Cornichons" is saucy and tourist-simple. Plenty of fun and groovy sounds. Perhaps the best track here, it's catchy in the way sixties pop instros were.

Stoned Chicken dotdotdot
Memphis Soul Organ (Instrumental)

More Memphis soul influences, with Link Wray chicken pickin'. "Stoned Chicken" is very nicely done, and is infectious and simple.

Stay dotdotdot
Memphis Soul Organ (Instrumental)

Maurice Williams and the Zodiacs' "Stay" suave "Stay" sounds quite cool in this Memphis soul format. Simply fun.

Creepy Congo dotdotdot
Memphis Soul Organ (Instrumental)

"Creepy Congo" sports a bit of the Henry Mancini quirk and surf guitar. Fun and groovy, with rich sound and an infectious arrangement.

Creepy Old Sound dotdotdot
Memphis Soul Organ (Instrumental)

"Creepy Old Sound" is not listed on the sleeve. It's a frat rocker with an infectious gate and circling melody line oozing forth from the organ. After grinding for a while, they move into a medley of familiar riffs. The "Hip-Hug-Her" soundalike is pretty cool. They drop into a minimalist reduction of the "Münsters" riff, then into a spooky dockside detective theme that's just a little like "Work Song" merged with "Pink Panther."

The walking bass comes in as they meander through the after-hours scene. "Music To Watch Girls By" unfolds before launching into a myriad of Stax-Volt house band themes.

Loungy organ beneath surf guitar finally comes alive with a saucy spy melody. Before it's all over, twenty minutes have passed.

Quite fun.