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The Goats - S/Tdotdotdotdot
artworkMembers of Seattle bands, including the wonderful Manatees, combined for a decidedly unique ride through the musical landscape. There is surf here, similar to Planet Seven's blend of surf and Theremin and emotion. They don't sound like P7, but if you like them, you will like this.
Picks: Naughty World, Fuzzy Slippers, Snack Of Pincushion City, Pink Midnight, Oogie Boogie, A Perfect World, Gerd Duff, Polly's Plastic Underpants, Jannie's Waltz, Lasting Mistake, Lettin' It Go, Mister Dangerpuff, Naughty Remix

Track by Track Review

Naughty World dotdotdotdot
Dark Theremin Wail (Instrumental)

Yikes! If you imagined what sludge in space would sound like, "Naughty World" just might be it. Slow, heavy, swirling Leslie, warbling Theremin wails. It's all very dangerous, yet somehow you can't look away.

Fuzzy Slippers dotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

A lovely melody with a carefree outlook is very nicely floating atop a perfectly elegant backtrack. Not a cloud in the sky will darken your day as you put on your "Fuzzy Slippers."

Snack Of Pincushion City dotdotdotdot
Fuzzy Surf (Instrumental)

Greta drums and thick fuzzy layers, swirling keys and Theremin wails, and an atmospheric wash of sound. "Snack Of Pincushion City" is a a splendid piece of music with a dark underbelly and light topside. Quite cool!

Pink Midnight dotdotdotdot
Light Surf (Instrumental)

Great piano lines, watery bass, and a playful guitar melody ride on busily tapped drums. The Theremin occasionally drops a wail or two. "Pink Midnight" is a frothy and very pleasant piece. It's hard to frown while you listen.

Oogie Boogie dotdotdot
R&B Jam (Instrumental)

A soundwash of tuning audio introduces "Oogie Boogie," a funky R&B jam kinda song with a bit of a quirky structure. It undulates and circulates with a sly grin.

A Perfect World dotdotdotdot
Theremin Surf (Instrumental)

"A Perfect World" is a fine piece of music that reminds me of some of the early tracks from San Francisco's Planet Seven. Rhythmic and surfable, with Theremin and organ and great drums. This is a thoroughly enjoyable track.

Gerd Duff dotdotdotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Bouncing with delight, "Gerd Duff" is subtly exuberant and very pleasing. A lovely surf instro with a light heart and infectious beat. I like the way the guitar almost laughs through the reverb. Wonderful.

Polly's Plastic Underpants dotdotdotdot
Playful Fuzz (Instrumental)

From the title alone, images of my son's leaking plastic britches from his diaper days flow. It's funny how the little things in life stick with you. "Polly's Plastic Underpants" is a cool sing with great piano and a relentless quirkiness. It has a dramatic sound, and is somewhat reminiscent of early Rare Bird. The Theremin plays out long and tortured at the end as it transitions into "Jannie's Waltz."

Jannie's Waltz dotdotdotdot
Fanciful (Instrumental)

Slow and moody, "Jannie's Waltz" plays out like a fanciful minuet for a funeral, but with an optimistic direction. Occasionally reminiscent of Keith Relf's wonderful Renaissance, it moves with a semi-classical feeling. Simply satisfying.

Lasting Mistake dotdotdot
Surf Jazz (Instrumental)

This is too cool. Surf and jazz and who knows what play together in the sandbox. It has a softened version of the kind of mood that "Whatever Lola Wants" portrays. Quite nice.

Lettin' It Go dotdotdotdot
Evening Surf (Instrumental)

"Lettin' It Go" moves lightly as the day ends. Relaxing out of your tensions, with slowly phased keys offsetting a tasteful guitar line. The mood is one of gentle relief. Very soothing for the drive home.

Mister Dangerpuff dotdotdotdotdot
Dangerous Surf (Instrumental)

Great drums, a tuff guitar, and wailing Theremin provide a glimpse of one very dark wave ride on a monster wall of water. Heavy and rhythmic, thundering drums, and eerie danger. Very cool!

Naughty Remix dotdotdot
Dangerous Surf (Instrumental)

This is a spacy remix of "Naughty World." It's much more industrial and less emotional. If you've ever spent time in a sheetmetal shop, it's like that - at least until the heavy rock sounds come in. Dark and menacing.