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Go! - Aventura Sob O Geudotdotdot
artworkDisc two from Go! seems much stronger than the first, with well developed arrangements and thematic sound. There are some surf influences here and there, but mostly this is uniquely attractive slightly heavy rock instro. There is one vocal here, the cool "Voce Esta Se Tornando Um Ser Humano Galactico."
Picks: A Invencao Do Parafuso, Rockman, La Piege Dirboliqus, Bizarrotron, Voce Esta Se Tornando Um Ser Humano Galactico, Amperagem Maxima, Destrua O Meu Chip Quando Eu Morrer, Bonus Do Burdrado Magico, Positronico Processo, Robotic Leisure, O Mestre Do Arcade, Where Do the Purpiss Go [When The Petshop Closes]?, Ninar Griden II 3-2, Aventura Sob O Cao, Macete, La Piese Diabolique [Reprise]

Track by Track Review

A Invencao Do Parafuso dotdotdotdot
Space Cowboy (Instrumental)

Heavily vibratoed guitar relentlessly drives a spooky almost cowboy beat. The plains spread before you in a strange and intriguing way. Very cool!

Rockman dotdotdot
Space Chopper (Instrumental)

Thick damped guitar loudly drives a dangerous dry-chopped song with a lot of edge. This is in some ways descended from the cauldron invented by Davie Allan strained through heavy metal thunder.

La Piege Dirboliqus dotdotdot
Space Riff (Instrumental)

"La Piege Dirboliqus" is a little more riffy than I like. It sports ample power and dark edge.

Bizarrotron dotdotdot
Space Fuzz (Instrumental)

Dark space fuzz and chunk darkly twang a cool melody line with power as the centerpiece. The beak is toned down and very nice.

Voce Esta Se Tornando Um Ser Humano Galactico dotdotdotdot
Space Cowboy (Vocal)

Amperagem Maxima dotdotdotdot
Heavy Cowboy (Instrumental)

"Amperagem Maxima" uses an almost poppy structure with very heavy guitar chunk and a few spoken and sung lines, almost like anthem chants. This is really cool!

Destrua O Meu Chip Quando Eu Morrer dotdotdotdot
Space Rock (Instrumental)

A really good melody riff and cool damped chops are supported strongly by the drums and bass. "Destrua O Meu Chip Quando Eu Morrer" seems like a complete composition with flair and staying power.

Bonus Do Burdrado Magico dotdotdot
Space Cowboy (Instrumental)

Another interesting riff drives this gently aggressive song. "Bonus Do Burdrado Magico" is attractive and edgy, with a memorable guitar line and punk rhythm section leanings.

Positronico Processo dotdotdotdot
Space Surf (Instrumental)

Big whammy, dark chords, gloomy scenes, and great drums. A solid track that conjures dark gray storm surf battering the coast with daredevil riders just outside. It's Mavericks on a bad day.

Robotic Leisure dotdotdot
Robot (Instrumental)

A swirly guitar presents a robot tone as the automatons relax. Like a heavy mechanical vacation, "Robotic Leisure" is both light hearted and a little gloomy.

O Mestre Do Arcade dotdotdot
Space Punk (Instrumental)

This very punkoidal menace is thick and a little jerky. It's melody line is more a riff, and the drums and bass are familiar punk machinations.

Where Do the Purpiss Go [When The Petshop Closes]? dotdotdot
Liquid Pet (Instrumental)

A slow and almost silky melody rolls across dusk with the title's question on its lips. It's a fluid and pretty track, with a long low volume keyboard outro. Quite nice.

Ninar Griden II 3-2 dotdotdot
Space Near Surf (Instrumental)

The near surf melody line is strong and thickly played against a relentless beat. Minimalist and a little riffy, yet really nice. The drums seem to accent it well, undoing the repetitious nature of the main riff.

Aventura Sob O Cao dotdotdot
Space Whammy (Instrumental)

Great grimy chords with shallow whammy ghostly imply a melody that is at odds with the developing song. Seems like it needs a rhythm guitar, yet it's more than just listenable. The gentle tribal drums and bass thunder under the tortured guitar in the break just may be the highlight.

Macete dotdotdot
Wah Wah (Instrumental)

Wah wah and a sixties psychedelic chop make "Macete" stand out from the rest of the disc. Not gimmicky at all, and robotic in a hypnotic way. Quite interesting.

La Piese Diabolique [Reprise] dotdotdot
Keyboard Whisper (Instrumental)

Spooky and tweaky, "La Piese Diabolique [Reprise]" relies on thin keys to deliver the message. A solo to reduce the robot energy of the disc to a whisper.