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The Go Nuts - S/Tdotdot
artworkMel Bergman is responsible for this. Mostly near-silly food songs in a frat format, but also containing two surf instros much in the mold of his band the Phantom Surfers.
Picks: Rebel Without A Snak, Sidekick Soiree'

Track by Track Review

Rebel Without A Snak dotdotdot
Food Binge Surf (Instrumental)

Davie Allan and the Arrows' "The Rebel (Without A Cause)" is "snak'd up" by the Go Nuts in a moderately cool rendition. The biker fuzz original has been converted to a food binge surf in an appealing fashion. Heavy surf chunk is an appropriate vehicle for Davie's writing, which is always melodic and watery.

Sidekick Soiree' dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

Fast surf sounds, crashing glissandoes, and a sporty melody riff from a happy place. "Sidekick Soiree'" is an infectious track.