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Ganimian and his Orientals - My Funny Valentine / Come With Me To The Casbahdotdotdot
artworkGanimian and the Orientals's 1958 single "Come With Me To The Casbah" has been covered by all sorts of bands from Los Straitjackets and The Vampires to Abisal and Mister Neutron. The a-side is dismissible, but the b-side is one of those out of nowhere influences on surf, old and new, that is relatively unknown, and so worth hearing.
Picks: Come With Me To The Casbah

Track by Track Review

My Funny Valentine dot
Middle Eastern Exotica (Instrumental)

As so many of his contemporaries did, Ganimian played around with arrangements of standards. Even with exotic instrumentation, "My Funny Valentine" is too noodly and not very interesting.

Come With Me To The Casbah dotdotdotdotdot
Middle Eastern Exotica (Instrumental)

"Come With Me To The Casbah" is perhaps the least really traditionally based of Ganimian's recordings, yet is so very archetypal of the genre's influence on jungle, exotica, and primitive rock'n'roll. This song has been covered by many modern bands with a variety of outcomes. This original version is just superb. The apparent tongue-in-cheek song and arrangement is both fun and sensual, exotic and strip club trashy. It is perhaps the perfect melding of the orient's pulsating sensuality and western fun. Simply superb!