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The Gammarays - Girl On A Motorcycledotdotdotdot
artworkThe Gammarays are a new Australian band. They are quite a ways from the traditional surf envelope, using big guitars and heavy lumbering rhythms and effects, yet the music is quite aquatic most of the time, and always very interesting and intense. There is one cool vocal here. I don't know why, but the lumbering beat of "The Stalker" reminded me of Magnolia Thunderpussy. It's not Elle Sander' vocal that does it, though she delivers it with sultry danger.
Picks: Do The Gammaray, The Ballad Of Neil Wedd, King Tut, Boob Toob, Girl On A Motorcycle, Aloha Harold Holt, Honda Girl, Shootout At Taco Nachos, An Ode For John Holmes, The Hedge Burner, Boob Toob

Track by Track Review

Do The Gammaray dotdotdot
Spy (Instrumental)

Dark surf on the verge of being sci-fi strangitude. Warbly guitar with spooky keys and an edgy spy-like beat and melody line. Just off kilter enough to keep you sucked in, and with handclaps to give "Do The Gammaray" a pop edge.

The Ballad Of Neil Wedd dotdotdotdot
Dangerous (Instrumental)

With the haunting percussion drama of Muruga and UFM's "Gum Improvisation" and long dark tone of a dangerous ride to death's door, the Gammarays present a wonderful intro that drags you lumbering into the unseen. The gloomy narrative part way through just cements the picture.

King Tut dotdotdotdot
Egyptian Garage (Instrumental)

"King Tut" employs a mix of stereotypical Egyptian riffs and gloomy garage riffs. This is a grodie track with an evil edge. Wendy Morrison adds "oh-yeah" vocals to this cool track.

Boob Toob dotdotdot
Gangland Surf (Instrumental)

Long floating notes sing praise to either Newton Minnow's "vast wasteland," or to the fleshies of the opposite plumbing. Long flowing notes play out a sad counterpoint to the idea of "Slaughter On Tenth Avenue," as if it is the dirge inversion of that famous song. Very nice!

Girl On A Motorcycle dotdotdot
Growly (Instrumental)

Girl On A Motorcycle is faster, features an angry circular riff, powerful drums, and a growly bass. While it's not melodic, it is aggressive and domineering.

Aloha Harold Holt dotdotdotdot
Tropical Escape (Instrumental)

A slow moving song with a sense of slow and tropical escapes, Aloha Harold Holt is nicely arranged with whistling keys and dramatic drums and bass supporting a very smooth guitar melody. I liked this right off, and then it grew on me some more.

Honda Girl dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

Honda Girl is based on a basic riff and a spy-ish idea. Gutsy and poppy, with handclaps and shouts to amp it up.

Shootout At Taco Nachos dotdotdotdot
Death Surf (Instrumental)

Eerie keys and a dramatic riff give Shootout At Taco Nachos the calamitous edge the title requires. There's a strong sense of loss of control and sadness in this slow moving song. Depressing and gloomy, but very enjoyable as well.

An Ode For John Holmes dotdotdot
Gut Wrenching (Instrumental)

Well now, this is one brooding song of inner city strife. Dramatic, sampled, and tortured, An Ode For John Holmes proves to be quite dangerous and bulbous.

The Hedge Burner dotdotdotdot
Big Break (Instrumental)

Structured like a big break surf power epic, effected like a big rock bruiser, aggressive like a back alley knife fight, and very dark. Great drums, long grodie guitar notes, and pumpin' energy. The sound of The Hedge Burner is very big!

Boob Toob dotdotdotdot
Garageland Surf (Instrumental)

This reconstituted arrangement of Boob Toob is darker, gloomier, and more dangerous. It's live, huge, a little muddy, and very powerful!