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The Galaxy Trio - Sheriff Boy-R-Dee c/w Abduction At Cowboy Dodgedotdotdot
artworkThe Galaxy Trio represented [note the tense] a side-step in the instro genre that fit nicely into the surf idiom, with aggressive melodic instros. Their concurrent single is a far cry from their earlier work, and this single also lacks on the A side, but the B side of this is up to the Galaxy par, and that makes it worth the price.
Picks: Sheriff Boy-R-Dee, Abduction At Cowboy Dodge

Track by Track Review

Sheriff Boy-R-Dee dotdotdot
Fuzz Whammy Western (Instrumental)

Slightly western smooth fuzz with occasional glissandoes. Not real cool, but worth a spin or two.

Abduction At Cowboy Dodge dotdotdot
Fuzz Whammy Western (Instrumental)

"Abduction At Cowboy Dodge" is a cool cowpoke on the range with Rowdy Yates kinda thing that surely delivers the goods. Dig it!