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Foundry - Project 6dotdotdotdot
artworkFoundry is a trio from Redmond, Washington. Kirk McCann - guitar, boBrizza - bass, and Curtis Lindgren - drums. Like the Mermen, they produce a large and varied sound, using atmospherics to their advantage.
Picks: In The Green Room, Untitled, Cage The Dragon, Walk In The Dark, Layover In Bali, Cortez Banks

Track by Track Review

In The Green Room dotdotdotdot
Surf Dirge (Instrumental)

This is one interesting track. Stereo surrealism project an ominous and moody atmosphere, with intense drama and an underwater sound. Thunder, sonar, cold water tubes... "In The Green Room" is a mix of surf and modern gloom. Great stuff!

Untitled dotdotdot
Surf Fuzz (Instrumental)

A thrashy rhythm rides above a low down bass and solid drum kit. A melody line evolves from fuzz and dark thunder in an angular song that's on the threatening side.

Cage The Dragon dotdotdot
Surf Metal (Instrumental)

Slowly rising from a moody almost jaws harp sound, "Cage The Dragon" develops a bit of death metal pomp and thunder. dark and unmelodic, this brooding track is an ominous sounding storm surf grinder.

Walk In The Dark dotdotdotdot
Surf Metal (Instrumental)

"Walk In The Dark" is a very heavy death on a wall of cold water kind of song. Very dark, bordering on ugly, yet magnetic and thick with grit. You almost expect a throatcore vocal to cut in, but alas, Foundry keeps it thankfully in the groove. About four-and-a-half minutes in, almost mechanical double picked comes in to darken the mood further.

Layover In Bali dotdotdotdot
Surf Metal (Instrumental)

"Layover In Bali" is a departure from the heaviness, with gently lapping surf and distant atmospheric guitar. This is a very interesting track, not quite foreground, but too captivating for a backdrop. Very cool!

Cortez Banks dotdotdotdot
Surf Metal (Instrumental)

At over thirteen minutes, "Cortez Banks" is a movie waiting for scenes to fill the visuals you only imagine. The first third is very atmospheric and moody, while the remainder is percussive and angular. Quite a monster!