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45 Grave - Sleep In Safetydotdotdot
artworkLike many of the mid eighties LA bands, 45 Grave included a surf instro in their set. The lone surf track here is a fine example of the period's non-surf band surf instros.

From the remnants of the Consumers, the Bags, the Germs, and Dinah Cancer, came a band called Vox Pop, which evolved into 45 Grave. They were "heavy-metal-psychedelic-post-punk-what-the-fuck-ghoul-rockers." This LP was issued in 1983.
Picks: Surf Bat

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Surf Bat dotdotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

This curious track has a tight little melody, a fine organ backtrack, and a cool eeriness about it. Minor drama, and horror sensibilities underpin this cool ditty. It flows, and sports the archetypal surf for Paisley Underground sounds.