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Foreign Objects - Not Too Cooldotdotdot
artworkThis garage band plays like it's still the eighties when bands were doing the sixties. That's not bad at all, just a bit dated. the music is strong, snotty, and exhaust fumigated. Lots of whining, not much dining. The writing is solid, the playing excellent, and the edge perfect in that post Ramones booger boy heavy on the Miracle Workers when they were on Moxie kinda way. Lot's of fun. I was first struck by the title of the disc because of the Santa Cruz band Not Cool (Roger Rush, before he was in the Thrusters, Shockwaves, or Neon Spores).
Picks: Riot In Miami, I Am A Dog [reprieve]

Track by Track Review

Riot In Miami dotdotdot
Near Surf (Instrumental)

Slightly funky bass lines, somewhat surfy guitar, a lazy flow, and the coolest bells anywhere. It's not really melodic, but it has a very endearing quality, with a sense of the sun glistening off of pristine surf. It sparkles and shines mercilessly.

I Am A Dog [reprieve] dotdotdot
Garage (Instrumental)

This is a short blast of the backtrack to "I Am A Dog" with a no mercy garage assault. It's all of 1:11 and extra crunchy!