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The Fore Thoughts - Four Folk Tunes of Pakistandotdotdot
artworkImpossibly rare, this ep from The Fore Thoughts is a wild and exotic find. The songs are all traditional Pakistani folk songs arranged for organ, surf guitar, bass and drums. The rhythm section uses very traditional Pakistani patterns played in a rock style, while the organ is aurally more like Johnny and the Hurricanes. But it's the surf guitar that really caught my attention! I found this on the web at Crud Crud, where only three of the four tracks were archived.
Picks: Boat Man's Cry, Ho-Jamalo, Shahbaz Qalander

Track by Track Review

Boat Man's Cry dotdotdot
Folk Surf (Instrumental)

Surf guitar carries the rhythm underneath whistling organ. A simple shuffling beat and engaging bass line support this completely original cover of "Boat Man's Cry." The western surf treatment of this Pakistani melody creates a very interesting juxtaposition. Very cool!

Ho-Jamalo dotdotdot
Folk Surf (Instrumental)

The guitar is less reverbed as The Fore Thoughts play "Ho-Jamalo," though the springs are clearly there as the pattern plays out. It's a very exotic folk pattern that dominates as the organ whistles out a jammy series of adventurous runs. Oddly, the keyboard hints at The Doors, who were still only in the imagination of Rick and the Ravens at the time.

Shahbaz Qalander dotdotdot
Folk Surf (Instrumental)

An exotic drum beat and bass line perfectly support the exotic organ melody, and when the surf guitar takes the lead in the breaks, it gets all too surreal. "Shahbaz Qalander" is the most nonwestern sounding of the tracks.