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Jimmy Flint and the Stones - Piasano c/w Have You Been There?dotdotdot
artworkI don't know who Jimmy Flint and the Stones were, but they were probably a studio creation. The a-side was later recut as a surf single under a couple of different titles.
Picks: Piasano

Track by Track Review

Surf (Instrumental)

this cool single sports a fine melody line and clean sound. It's darn surfable. "Piasano" is a remake of The King Pins' "94 Second Surf." It's more professional I suppose, but also a bit less 'real'.

Have You Been There? dotdot
Surf (Instrumental)

With none of the charm of its a-side, "Have You Been There?" is all party jam in a nearly R&B groove. Way fun, but not really memorable.