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54 Nude Honeys - 54 Nude Honeysdotdotdot
artworkYou gotta love a girl band that covers The Sunsets' "Hot Generation" from Satan's Sadists, covered by The Pandoras. OK, that said, there are four instros on this album, three of which are just riff rockers turned up to eleven. The fourth, however, seems to benefit from a lot more arranging and much better playing.
Picks: Surf Cat, Lost in Forest

Track by Track Review

Drift Guitar dotdot
Garage Riff Rock (Instrumental)

"Drift Guitar" is a tuff riff rocker - progression dominated without a melody. Gritty and coarse, with little dynamics. The break is not much of departure, with only a modest melody.

Surf Cat dotdotdot
Garage Riff Rock (Instrumental)

Heavy and trashy, "Surf Cat" is a riff rocker with intense femme screams. Lots of volume and power, and some really cool surfish thrash and string bending. No melody, just female angst and intensity. This will wear you out.

Drop the Gun dotdotdot
Garage Riff Rock (Instrumental)

rapid muted dry chops, relentless metal drums, and power. There's really nothing else here, but it has charm in a primitive power trio way.

Lost in Forest dotdotdot
Garage Riff Rock (Instrumental)

Angular and loud, with serious distortion. "Lost in Forest" lumbers along a dark path where there's just a glimmer of light. Cool drums and a spaghetti western sense. This is much more developed and wetter arranged than the rest of 54 Nude Honeys' recordings.