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Fifty Foot Combo - GHENT-BXLdotdotdot
artworkMuch of the music here is non-melodic, yet it's undenyable power commands your attention. Go-go design and rock execution, and not much surf. Mostly loud and rhythmic would be the way to think about this album. relentlessly thick would also do.
Picks: The Snap Fastener, L'Etoile Noir, Day Of The 100 Percenters, Combodelica, BXL-GHENT, The Swinger, The Cartridge Case, Breakdown 03, The Pulsor, Banana Split, Blowback

Track by Track Review

The Snap Fastener dotdotdot
Go-Go Psych (Instrumental)

A plinky piano bar opens "The Snap Fastener," but within the blink of an eye, a percussive rhythm tracks takes hold. Long ringing chords fall in behind the organ, which carries the melody. Chunky and vibrant.

L'Etoile Noir dotdotdot
Go-Go Psych (Instrumental)

The organ whistles and intro to the gutty guitar rhythm, then takes the lead in a semi-exotic swirl of Leslie whirl and go-go chunk. Tuff and riffin'.

Day Of The 100 Percenters dotdotdot
Go-Go Psych (Instrumental)

Big rock chop chord angst, distortionate organ whirl, and chunk. Pumpin' and aggressive, riff rockin', and slightly Indian. Not melodic, but quite commanding.

Combodelica dotdotdotdot
Go-Go Psych Surf (Instrumental)

"Combodelica" verges on surf, and the hugeness of the rhythm track demands that you not turn your back. A howling wilderness of darkness portrayed by space rock sounds in a spatially full arrangement with long sustained fuzz. This is a dominating and interesting song.

BXL-GHENT dotdotdot
Go-Go Psych (Instrumental)

Organ leads and a tuff rhythm drive "BXL-GHENT" to the fore. If Jimmy Smith played with tribal drums and powered his keyboard, he might have come up with this onslaught of overpoweringly thick sound. Goodness!

The Swinger dotdotdot
Go-Go Psych (Instrumental)

A reverbed guitar plays against an hypnotic rhythm track with an exotic edge. Mid tempo power, richly textured, with melodic progression. "The Swinger" sneaks up on you over the course of playing.

The Cartridge Case dotdotdot
Go-Go Psych (Instrumental)

Dry chop chords ring out, while the organ plays lead. The sound is relentlessly big and thick, and the riff dominated riff very serviceable. Did I mention thick?

Breakdown 03 dotdot
Go-Go Psych (Instrumental)

Watery effects launch this otherwise sorta Pacific Northwest riff rocker with space sounds. Like a thick late-psych period b-side, "Breakdown 03" goes on relentlessly with its riff and thick swirl. Loud and overbearing.

The Pulsor dotdotdot
Go-Go Psych (Instrumental)

Except for the drums, "The Pulsor" might have been conceived by Joe Meek for the Tornados. Thundering and commanding, with a great Sandy Nelson-ish drum break. I found this to be among the more memorable tracks on the disc.

Banana Split dotdotdot
Go-Go Psych (Instrumental)

Launched from a Shaft-like wah wah riff, "Banana Split" is a thick pounder with noise in every corner. Very intense.

Blowback dotdotdot
Go-Go Psych (Instrumental)

A thin guitar noodling and chop chord accent introduce what rises to a loud swirl of what might be best described as Booker T. and the MG's on overdrive. Similarly structured, but way louder and less subtle.