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The Fascinators - Revived c/w You're To Blamedotdotdot
artworkThis isn't surf at all, but it's a nice little obscuro from 1962 that sounds a lot like Johnny and the Hurricanes.
Picks: Revived, You're The Blame

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Revived dotdotdot
Rock Instrumental (Instrumental)

"Revived" wants to be Johnny and the Hurricanes really badly, and it sure could be an outtake. The producer also managed Johnny and the Hurricanes, so that surely explains that. Great soulful whistling organ ad mid tempo catchy rhythm.

You're The Blame dotdotdot
Rock Instrumental (Instrumental)

Another great Johnny and the Hurricanes wannabe track with guts and edge. It's unfortunate that it's such a clone, because it's extremely well done. Very cool song.