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The Farfisas - Surf Far, Surf Good
artworkWhat a load of rubbish! This isn't a band, it's a project. It's not even vaguely surf. At best, this is riff rock in a generally go-go vein. Mostly not melodic, just progression dominated jam session fair. I found this really hard to endure because of it's lack of focus and its gimmicky use of sound effects to try to break the monotony. Utterly dismissible.
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Track by Track Review

66 GTO
Riff Rock (Instrumental)

"66 GTO" is a non-melodic riff rock instro loosely in a go-go vein. Neither inventive nor original, it uses gimmicky sound effects to attempt to break the monotony, but just ends up being tedious.

Charlie Horse dot
Riff Rock (Instrumental)

A reasonable melody riff is overpowered by over use of stereo delay, low energy, and relentless sameness. "Charlie Horse" just doesn't rise above studio project level.

Doggie Paddle dot
Riff Rock (Instrumental)

Riff rock instro jam fair in the tradition of many a studio confab from the heyday of such things when bands were replaced by label contractors. Much too gimmicky to bring you back. The few glissandos here are rough and seem placed whimsically in the arrangement, which is otherwise just a rock instro jam.

Dark Sea Foam dot
Riff Rock (Instrumental)

Borrow riffs and use echo and call it what... "Dark Sea Foam" has a tasteful riff, but is aurally a hundred miles from surf. It seems to wanna be sixties something or other, but really doesn't gel that way, and the occasional glissandos are rough.

Tread Lightly
Riff Rock (Instrumental)

"Tread Lightly" seems like it wants to be spyish, but it doesn't seem to actually develop. Way too much the same all the way through!

Surf Far, Surf Good
Riff Rock (Instrumental)

A cycling riff on guitar and Stax-Volt keyboard jive over a relentless and uninteresting beat never actually rises above a conceptual jam. Very tedious.

Slow But Surf dot
Riff Rock (Instrumental)

Slow and detective theme like, but low key and aurally ho hum. The melody riff is pretty decent in a fifties black and white kind of way, but the arrangement is uninspiring.

Surfer Joe
Riff Rock (Instrumental)

Don't steal a famous song name and then deliver something completely different, something that is not even vaguely in the same league, and worse yet, something that's little more than relentless pattern repeats. Egad!