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Fantastic 3 - 14 Favoritesdotdot
artworkJust when you thought lo-fi trash was dead, here comes Fantastic 3. For the most part, this lo-fi recording has all been done before. It's in Billy Childish's style, i.e. very thin harsh sound, with the drums ambient and indistinct.
Picks: Let's Get Funky, Hava Nagila, White Boogie, Comanche, Jack The Ripper, Night Train, (Ghost) Riders In The Sky, Dragster, Indian Tones, Guybo, Bo's Bounce, Egyptian Reggae, Our Favorite Martian, Hawaiian Beach

Track by Track Review

Let's Get Funky dot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

This is a trashy garage riff thrashed and trashed. Following a glissando, it borrows lines from Them's great "Baby Please Don't Go." Much more about energy than a song.

Hava Nagila dotdotdot
Frat Surf (Instrumental)

Fantastic 3 rock this Dick Dale arrangement hard in a harsh garage. The great performance is significantly diminished by the low quality sound, yet, the fire and bravado take command and rock your world.

White Boogie dot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

"White Boogie" is more or less a chumpy choppy frat rock progression that's never rises above a jam. Just loud.

Comanche dot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

This is more or less a slightly surfed up version of the Milkshakes' (Billy Childish) take on Link Wray's riffy "Comanche." Won't get outta the garage. Thrashy and tuff, but it's been done before.

Jack The Ripper dotdot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

Billy Childish's arrangement and garbage sound of Link Wray's "Jack The Ripper," complete with errant notes and lots of energy.

Night Train dotdot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

This is an ultra trashy garage interpretation of James Brown's "Night Train." It would definitely be a crowd pleaser at a frat party.

(Ghost) Riders In The Sky dotdotdot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

Dick Dale's 1963 arrangement of Stan Jones' cowboy epic is fiery and fast, with excellent double picked guitar, backed by the original bass line and great drums just discernible through the murk. Really tuff.

Dragster dotdot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

Johnny Fortune's "Dragster" is sped up with the classic psychobilly arrangement of the Meteors or the Tall Boys, two of a dozen rockabilly covers. Aside from raging drums, there's nothing new here.

Indian Tones dotdotdot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

This very Billy Childish garage thrasher with vibrato and glissandos is a real rockin' number. A little better sound quality would take it over the top.

Guybo dotdot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

Eddie Cochran's "Guybo" was a riff rocker with a nod to "Willie and the Hand Jive" (Johnny Otis). This is a fun garage interpretation.

Bo's Bounce dotdot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

Heavily echoed vintage Bo Diddley sans the benefit of the Chess Brothers. Really cool, just awful sounding.

Egyptian Reggae dotdotdot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

Boy-oh-boy, I wish this sounded better! I've long dug Jonathan Richman's too-cool "Egyptian Reggae," and thought it would make a great surf instro. The arrangement is excellent, and the fire burns in every note and beat. Totally cool!

Our Favorite Martian dotdot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

Bobby Fuller and the Fanatics' over-covered "Our Favorite Martian" is brought down a notch to a quieter place. Big whammy chords and a very reverent arrangement. Nothing really new, but still enjoyable.

Hawaiian Beach dotdotdot
Frat Rock (Instrumental)

This is a great galloping surf song. The drums are mighty cool, working well with the bass, and the melody is good too. A decent recording would bring out a lot more power and make this a monster.