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The Falcons - Fly By Nightdotdotdot
artworkCanadian country desert instro with an occasional surf feel. They love 'em in the UK, and that's understandable, what with their Shadows orientation. Tight performance, fine musicianship.
Picks: Black Ice, Wake Up, Sombrero, Colleen, Wings Of Love, Shadow Land

Track by Track Review

Black Ice dotdotdot
Shadows Country (Instrumental)

This is the best track. It has an intense western feeling, and is quite melodic. The twang is irrepressible, and the power unmistakable. It rolls relentlessly down the highway, across open spaces. I'm not sure it relates a vision of black ice, more of an Arizona highway with the top down.

Wake Up dotdotdot
Shadows Country (Instrumental)

Cowpoke ramblin' music. Melodic and fun, and mostly rodeo bound. Light twang, pretty, and endearing to the pickup truck set.

Sombrero dotdotdot
Shadows Country (Instrumental)

Like a rearranged Fireballs thing, or maybe a less schmaltzy Duane Eddy. The vibrato guitar is tasty, and the semi city-folk country backtrack is appropriate for the melody line.

Colleen dotdotdot
Shadows Country (Instrumental)

Pure country twang, looking for Duane in all the wrong cowboy bars. Very pretty, Shadows twangy, and melodic.

Wings Of Love dotdotdot
MOR Country (Instrumental)

MOR country, melodic bovine fare, with solid writing. It's a nice country tune.

Shadow Land dotdotdot
Shadows Country (Instrumental)

Like you thought, it's Shadows all the way. Duane Eddy meets Hank Marvin at the studio for an "instant hit" session. Uninspired, though precise with nice tones. Countrified ale and bangers.