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Os Fabulosos Freak Brothers - The Lost Tapesdotdot
artworkThis guitar and drums duo captured a dozen instros "Recorded live. No rehearsals! No producing! Just the way we like it." It's primitive sound and energy, while still somewhat formative, shows promise and edge. Five of the tracks, while of demo quality, are very cool!
Picks: Rumble, The Model, Mister Moto, Surf Beat, Seadog Fuzz, Planet Collision, Solitude, Riding With A Movie Star, The Fly, Wheels, I Don't Wanna Fall In Love With A Girl, Mao Reminisces About His Days In Southern China

Track by Track Review

Rumble dotdotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

Relatively clean chords grind out Link Wray's classic in an intentionally dramatic way. The lack of extreme distortion and grind usually heard on covers of "Rumble" just adds to the uniqueness of this version. By the time Os Fabulosos Freak Brothers get to the vibrato section, they are pushing the effect to it's limit. Very cool.

The Model dotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

On the dark side, Os Fabulosos Freak Brothers have fun with Kraftwerk's "Das Model." It has been covered instrumentally by bands as diverse as the Treble Makers and the Tremolo Beer Gut to the Penetrators and Aqua Vista.

Mister Moto dotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

The Belairs' ultra classic "Mr. Moto" works well with distortion and garage oomph. This trio attack on this venerable tune shows promise and power.

Surf Beat dotdotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

The early surf chunk of Dick Dale and his Del-tones' "Surf Beat" holds up well under the developing fuzz and power attack of Os Fabulosos Freak Brothers. Not fully fleshed out yet, but cool nonetheless.

Seadog Fuzz dotdotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

Thick heavy fuzz chord thrash with a dark progression and lots of power. "Seadog Fuzz" is a mean track with plenty of gusto.

Planet Collision dotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

"Planet Collision" is a relentless and circular song with a thrashy ethic and punkoidal edge. I predict that it will develop more harshness over time.

Solitude dotdotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

The drum beat here is very cool. It's a modified oom-pa-pa punkoidal pound that rides herd under a very cool guitar line. L7's song gets a garage edge.

Riding With A Movie Star dotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

The Mummies' "Riding With A Movie Star" is trashy and garagy, but then again, that's the way it's supposed to be.

The Fly dotdotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

The Shaggs' instro "The Fly" is simple and dissonant. Even El Distorto and the Mondo Grodies couldn't dirty this one up.

Wheels dotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

Os Fabulosos Freak Brothers pay homage to the Ramones with a sludgy cover of their "Wheels." Tuff and punky, fuzzy and garagy.

I Don't Wanna Fall In Love With A Girl dotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

The punk noise of White Stripes falls victim to the ax and skins of Os Fabulosos Freak Brothers in an LA eighties sounding thrasher.

Mao Reminisces About His Days In Southern China dotdot
Punk Surf (Instrumental)

Deliberate but not quite sludgy, this developing version of a Camper Van Beethoven song is on the verge of ugly, making it kinda cool.