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Everpresent Fullness - dotdotdot
artworkPaul Johnson's post-surf emerging hippy-folk rock outfit's rare White Whale sessions finally see the light of day! Until now, only the odd obscurity and a bootleg comp inclusion of "Doin' A Number" hinted at their sound. the folk rock sound of the Everpresent Fullness was quite a shift from P. J. and the Galaxies, and in some ways just a little too early, though contemporaries the Leaves and a few others were already on the scene in Southern California.
Picks: Yeah!, Doin' A Number

Track by Track Review

Yeah! dotdotdot
Folk Rock (Instrumental)

This song seems like it was written for acoustic guitar and adapted to the folk rock idiom. "Yeah!" is a kind of playful rambling number that circles around a central theme. Mostly about the guitar, but some verses feature horns. While it's pleasant while on, it didn't stay with me long after playing.

Doin' A Number dotdotdot
Folk Rock (Instrumental)

"Doin' A Number" is an instro with a tribal stompin' beat based on a relentless progression. It's a Richard Farina song, and runs like an exuberant backtrack - no melody. It's sad that with such a phenomenal writing talent as Paul Johnson in the band that their instros bore so little melody. Still, it's a very infectious and bouncy song, with harmonica and guitar rompin', and a lot of energy.