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Esquadrao Relampago - Monster Surfdot
artworkEsquadrao Relampago (Lightning Squadron) plays the most dismissible instro music I've heard in a long time. Super minimal riffs, crappy sound, amateur noises added, etc. A complete never-mind!
Picks: Pendeja, Bin laden Surf, Surfist sem Prancha, Monster Surf

Track by Track Review

Pendeja dotdot
Surf Trash (Instrumental)

This incredibly lo-fi live track shows a ton of energy and an interesting horn in conjunction with dark double picked guitar. No telling if this is a cool song, 'cuz the audio if so limited.

Bin laden Surf dotdot
Surf Trash (Instrumental)

"Bin laden Surf" is an inane minimalist number with a tiny riff and punk trash sound. Totally dismissible.

Surfist sem Prancha dotdot
Surf Trash (Instrumental)

Low brow trash fuzz that's not melodic, just riffy, with noises added. Verging on nonmusical.

Monster Surf dotdot
Surf Trash (Instrumental)

Riff rock fuzzy garage wannabe. Totally low brow.