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Episode Six - Cornflakes And Crazyfoamdotdotdotdot
artworkThere is just one instro here, and it's only tangentially related to surf. However, with Episode Six having once issued the surfish California sound inspired "Mighty Morris Ten," and with the powerful nature of these obscure recordings, Cornflakes And Crazyfoam is an archive dream. There are almost fifty tracks, most all of which are first-time releases. Culled from hours of demos and rehearsals, and some live recordings, the album confirms what I've long suspected, that The Episode Six was a gutsy raucous band in the flesh. Their popish singles just didn't do them justice.
Picks: Mozart vs. The Rest

Track by Track Review

Mozart vs. The Rest dotdotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This demo version of one of Episode Six's instrumental singles is raw and very garage. Showing off Tony Lander's fiery guitar work from 1969, "Mozart vs. The Rest" is probably inspired by Dave Edmunds' (Love Sculpture) "Sabre Dance" single. Tuff, very edgy, and amped up by a double picked style indebted to surf, this track fires the imagination of what a powerhouse this band sure must have been live.