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Episode Six - The Complete Episode Sixdotdotdot
artworkEpisode Six is part of Deep Purple's lineage. Ian Gillan - vocals and Roger Glover - bass were members, along with Harvey Shields - drums, and Tony Lander - guitar had been members of the Madisons, and Sheila Carter-Dimmock - organ, Graham Carter-Dimmock - rhythm, and Andy Ross - vocals joined forces to become Episode Six in 1964. Shields was replaced by John Kerrison, a member of Gillan's Javelins and in 1990, the Pirates. Kerrison would be replaced by Mick Underwood in 1968, by which time the band was operating as Episode. This disc includes the instrumentals "Mozart vs the Rest" and "Jack D'Or," as well as the classic surf vocal influenced "Mighty Morris Ten." According to one of my listeners, Gary Mortensen, "The Morris 10 was out of the late '40's - early '50s, and something that only a stodgy, upper middle class person would drive. The kind of car you would have hated to been seen in by friends when you were in high school, let alone own even as a used car. And from old books I have, the works at Morris never had a wood estate car that might have made it redeeming for any Brit with a surf board." Like Bill Wattenberg (KGO) says, there are experts on everything out there if you just ask the question. Thanks Gary.
Picks: Mozart vs. the Rest

Track by Track Review

Mozart vs. the Rest dotdotdotdot
Classical Surf Rock (Instrumental)

Classically based, intriguingly interpreted, with fiery guitar work from Tony Lander, this 1969 Love Sculpture ("Sabre Dance") inspired track simply rages. With a double picking style indebted to surf and compressed edgy guitar tone, this fine track fires the imagination and slaughters the calm of your Sunday afternoon.

Jack D'Or dotdotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This is a slow progression, a riff in search of a song, a backdrop to other activities... unremarkable and dismissible.