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Scott Engel - Hits and Rarities Vol. IIdotdot
artworkScott Engel is best known for his days in the Walker Brothers. This rarities disc (likely a bootleg) includes real early Scott Engel the teenage pop star as well as a few tracks from the burgeoning Walker Brothers. It also sports 4 instrumentals, none of which get beyond the elevator. Not very interesting, but I suppose you die hard Walker Brothers fans will gulp it up anyway.
Picks: Nashville, Swingin' At The Batcave, Wallflower, Your Guess

Track by Track Review

Nashville dot
Rockabilly (Instrumental)

This rockin' instro is a basic rockabilly jam, with manic guitar and raspy sax, and a racing beat with a walking bass line.

Swingin' At The Batcave dotdot
Rock (Instrumental)

This is really Johnny Otis' "Willie and the Hand Jive" with grodie low down guitar rhythm, plinky piano, and an organ lead chumpin' away. Nasty sax and a grumbly feel.

Wallflower dotdot
Country (Instrumental)

This is kinda like an acoustic Duane Eddy meets Lawrence Welk. The organ is too swirly in a mall kinda way. The guitar work is very nice.

Your Guess dotdot
MOR (Instrumental)

This was the B-side of "Devil Surfer." It's nothing like it. The guitar is played on the high register and sounds of liquid MOR, maybe a little Les Paul-ish. The chorus drives away any possibility of rock and roll.